About Kelley Athletic Co.

Kelley Athletic Co. is headquarted in Irving, TX. What started as a family business in a garage in De Soto, TX has now grown into a company that owns Baseball's most well-respected brand when it comes to premium quality gear - Kelley.

While KAC holds true to its bread and butter Baseball Gear line, the company has seen opportunities and has executed the desire to launch several other brands as niche market players - including Frequi, Body Layer, Vorshem and igGeo.

Brands & Products

Kelley Athletic Co. is a design house and distribution company that currently has a cohesion of 5 brands:


The Kelley brand was established in 1995 and is best known for its legendary leather gloves for baseball and softball. Kelley also focuses on other premium quality products for diamond sports, including protective gear and accessories. Kelley Eyewear has recently made big waves in the market due to incredibly light-weight and interchangeable designs.


The Frequi "Tune" features patent-pending technology and focuses on accupressure points to enhance performance or remedy symptoms. Frequi has a body map for over 200 symptoms.


Vorshem Launch Technologies provides advanced technologies in alloy and composites for diamond sports. Vorshem is the technology behind the Kelley N.Fuego bat line of 2008-2010. In 2011, Vorshem became it's own brand and now collaborates with Kelley on bats.

Body Layerz

Body Layerz was established in 2011 and provides soft-goods for Kelley Athletic Co. Body Layerz is comprised of Full Custom Team Apparel, Street Apparel, Action Apparel and Chill Products. In 2011, Body Layerz introduced a patent-pending product called "Chill" - the Chill reduces core temperature during high-heat exposure.


igGeo was established in 2008 and represents the Christian background of Kelley Athletic Co. igGeo stands for i give God every ounce and symbolizes Kelley's fundamental belief that He is greater than we. i can do all things through Him who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13. igGeo currently sells inspirational t-shirts.

Private Labeling

Kelley private labels for many of the industries most well-known brands. KAC's continuing research and materials expertise allows the company to be at the forefront of knowledge and know-how for equipment and soft goods that serve the diamond sports industry and beyond. If you have a private label need, please contact us at 877-95-KELLEY.

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